#PiecesofPoetry: I Am Wondering ...

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#PiecesofPoetry: I Am Wondering …

I am wondering, now, in these moments that feel like days, now, in this petite minute that matters    so        much when I will stop being so sad. Wondering when light will look different more dull than blinding, less frightening, slightly, tame.   Wondering when my heart will heal. When it will [...]

Missy Higgins | Where I Stood

So … as of late … I’ve been needing the Adele Pandora station to get me through the work day.  What can I say, some have drugs and alcohol … me I’ve got an inundation of British R&B ballads. Anyways … I’ve listened to Missy sing “Where I Stood” like a trillion times … and [...]

#PIECESOFPOETRY: #[you call it]

… we find love in the softest smile from the most distant stranger turned our way. in that fog, we’ve placed our life longings. but what of the familiar makes us so retract? are we so given up on hope- change- that our former friend’s forbidden? there is some sort of god in all of [...]

Life: It’s Not About Intent, It’s About Impact

I have this friend.  She probably affects me in a way no one ever will … in terms of emotions, psychology, etc. By this, I mean … all of the things that I use on a daily basis: filters, middle ground, discretion, cover-ups, holding back … they tend to come off when talking to her. [...]

Morning Musing #7685: Monday Mayhem

It’s 8:29 am. I was in bed at 10pm. Somehow … I got all of about 3 hours of sleep. And trust me … it had nothing to do with a night filled with wild and crazy … never mind. You know where this is going … there was none of that … well … [...]

Pieces of Poetry: 8.28.11 #love #relationships #life

Not really an original piece … more of a collaboration (read: i made slight edits to language and meaning). 26 years ago today, a child was born in the same way 3 years from now, a stranger will die down the block from the ribbon cutting of a brand new business hours before the wedding [...]

Pieces of Poetry: 7.31.11

I only writeNowWith youIn mind. So silly of meNever to have lovedMyselfEnough to trust meWith your heart. … Not alone.LonelyWe neglect thoseClosest. … Delighting in our own dilemma.How delicious we find disaster. ….. Perhaps we are not for each other. We were meant to brush and pass through …Take with us pieces to give to [...]

Pieces of Poetry: 5.29.11

In these daysI wonderto myselfwhich me will meet youin or atthe end. It is a marathonyouknow even in the relay I am all legs. Hand(s) off. I want tobelieve so deeply in this newme too. In the mourning I shall remind myselfwhereI have been. We all have tricks up our sleeves. For whom shall you [...]

Gil Scott-Heron is Dead OR What Will Happen to Your Revolution

 I don’t usually blog on the weekends, but beginning yesterday morning, my heart, my soul rather, i don’t actually know, but a deep part of me was experiencing a sort of heaviness akin to mourning. I assumed it was because of my grandmother.  Or perhaps because of the passing of my aunt/sister/friend.  Or because in [...]