How @FrankOcean Might Be More Deep Than You Ever Knew: Close Reading “Bad Religion”

I promise this wont be long. I’m only even writing this because you know it’s my job to keep us thinking! Don’t ask me who gave it to me -_- So anyways, I know we’re all oohing and aahing about the bravery of Frank Ocean standing as an out black man in America, singing real [...]

#Relationship #Advice: “Hurt So Bad” | Susan Tedeschi Teaches Us to Give In Before Giving Up

Have I told you guys how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Susan Tedeschi’s voice? No?!  Oh you’ve got no idea who Susan Tedeschi is (I know, I be showin’ my old soul, boo). Lucky for you, I’ve got this video below that you can get familiar with … um … that thing … that she [...]

Words of Wisdom: Toni Cade Bambara, The Salt Eaters | #Books

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Words of Wisdom: Toni Cade Bambara, The Salt Eaters | #Books

“I am one beautiful and powerful son of a bitch,’ he told himself. ‘Smart as a whip, respected, prosperous, beloved and valuable. I have the right to be healthy, happy and rich, for I am the baddest player in this arena or any other. I love myself more than I love money and pretty women [...]

Philadelphia Weekly Q & A with Lorene Cary | Fine Line Between Art and Entertainment

So, Philadelphia Weekly interviewed Art Sanctuary’s, Lorene Cary, about her work as the newest School Reform Commission member (the original story was included in the Oct.26-Nov.1 edition … “i just take my time with all this ‘ish, i still believe in that”). The entire article is here … but of course, I’ve posted my favorite [...]

Former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, is Dead …

and I’m really having a tough time convincing myself to choose grading papers over mourning.  Actually, I’m always having a really tough time choosing to grade papers. But that’s a separate topic … or is it. What would Steve say? “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed [...]

CONTEST: Timeless Pieces | Classic Accessories & Transitional Pieces

If you were around yesterday, you got the memo that TODAY BEGINS THE TIMELESS PIECES COLLECTION ON KHOLIOLI.COM! QUE?! KholiOli.Com is hosting a “Timeless Pieces” series.  The series encourages you beauties to spend wisely during transitional seasons (like,now … like, fall … duh). – REMEMBER: Buy classic cuts and timeless pieces. Layer. Diversify your wardrobe [...]

#WomenAtWork: Amelia Mango | Social Media Marketer | SEO Specialist | Leather Boot Fanatic

This is the day we’ve ALL been waiting for!  Or at least the day I’ve been waiting for! For over a month now I’ve been telling all of my friends to prepare for the #WomenAtWork (hashtag, in case you want to follow on Twitter) Series launch on the new! Needless to say I’m pretty [...]

Morning Musing: How Nicki Minaj and Barbara Smith Have got Much More in Common than You Thought

Back in 2009 (when I was on an Althusser kick), I wrote a post about how Wale and Joe Budden were jealous of Nicki Minaj because of the imminent and crazy success she was about to experience.  If I knew then what we all know now, I promise I would have started calling myself a [...]