Perfect for Holidays. Perfect for Any Day. | How to #Style The Sheath Dress

      #Fashion Brainstorming: Three Girls | One Dress by kholi featuring chiffon tops   I’ve been discussing timeless pieces for some time now.  But isn’t that what classic style is about? Above are a few takes on the classic sheath dress.  I wanted to show you, like I show my clients, this piece [...]

CLOSED CONTEST | Fashion Showdown of the Sexes OR Girls Do Menswear Better

So … If you’ve been around, then you know we’ve got a “Timeless Pieces” contest going on right now AND you know that we’ve been talking style with one of my faves, Krys Freeman.  It occurred to me, while wrapping up the final part of Krys’ “Social Style” segment (yes, folks, It goes live on [...]

#TIMELESSPIECES #GIVEAWAY: Silver & Gold Accessories

If you were like me, growing up, your mother had TONS of accessories!  If you were REALLY like me, your grandmother had even more! I’ve spent my entire life primping and prancing around small and delicate or huge, bold, and dramatic pieces of jewelry.  For me, the accessory IS pretty much my outfit … especially [...]

#TIMELESSPIECES: Transition Seamlessly Into Fall Fashion

Remember when we began talking Timeless Pieces for fall fashion a couple weeks ago? Of course you do!  And if you’re an active reader of KholiOli.Com, you know you won’t be able to forget it … at least not for another couple months, anyways. I’ve been tweeting pics of my favorite timeless pieces all month! [...]

CONTEST: Timeless Pieces | Classic Accessories & Transitional Pieces

If you were around yesterday, you got the memo that TODAY BEGINS THE TIMELESS PIECES COLLECTION ON KHOLIOLI.COM! QUE?! KholiOli.Com is hosting a “Timeless Pieces” series.  The series encourages you beauties to spend wisely during transitional seasons (like,now … like, fall … duh). – REMEMBER: Buy classic cuts and timeless pieces. Layer. Diversify your wardrobe [...]

GET FREE FRIDAY: Portero Luxury | Portero.Com

I’m feeling a little lux today … so trust me … this “Get Free Friday” is far from free!  But … trust me again … it’s also FAR FROM FULL PRICED! Portero Luxury ( is the leading curated source for ‘premium, pre-owned, prized’ authenticated luxury goods. Portero Luxury provides unprecedented access to more than 500 [...]