#TastyTuesday: Raspberry Streusel #Cupcakes & Taco Roll-Ups

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#TastyTuesday: Raspberry Streusel #Cupcakes & Taco Roll-Ups

So, if you’re friends with me on Facebook, I’m sure you’re well acquainted with the weekly cupcake tease pics that I post. If not, friend me and catch up … or click the pic below and like our offices “Cupcakes for Hope” page.   THE POINT OF THIS POST?! After many weeks of searching … [...]

Tasty Tuesday: 5 Fave #Fall #Recipes

1. Turkey Chili 2. THIRTY NINE Fave Fall Dessert Recipes 3. Pumpkin Bread 4. Cranberry Spinach Salad 5. Riesling Baked Pears  

TASTY TUESDAY: Pumpkin Pie Bites | Perfect Halloween Treat

Remember the JOY I brought to the world making these reindeer cookies at Christmas?! Ok … maybe I only brought joy to me and the boo … but still … there was joy, correct? Anyways … you know holidays make me want to bake and broil and bring everything in the kitchen to life .. [...]

Tasty Tuesday: Show and Tell | 30 Easy One-Pot #Meals

  As most of you folks out there know … Tuesdays are SUPER SPECIAL on KholiOli.Com.  Well, at least they are to me!  OK, maybe not special … but they are TASTY! The only problem is … Tasty Tuesday has changed from “What I’m Cooking for the Boo” to “What I’d Gladly Eat if I [...]


Ok ok bumblebees and boys … I know that we do a little talking about living well and being beautiful … and that we’re all about accepting ourselves in all forms … BUT … we’re also about being proactive about our looks here at kholioli.com.  It’s not mere vanity, I know and you know, PRETTY [...]

Tasty Tuesday: Deviled Eggs

Ever since Memorial Day weekend, all I can think about is cookout food.  More precisely, cookout food from home!  You know I’m a southern girl at heart.   So … I was fishing around on Paula Deen’s website … because you know what Tuesday means … and I found this DELICIOUS deviled egg recipe!  Thought [...]