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by TOMMYE FITZPATRICK on JUNE 14, 2012 – 6:13 PM Azealia Banks has upped her game since she released her “212″ video last year, which had her all pigtails and Mickey Mouse sweater dancing against a brick wall. For her followup, the newly-released video for “Liquorice,” she got some major fashion players involved—Lady Gaga’s stylist [...]

Have I told you how much I LOVE THIS? STACY BARTHE – “KEEP IT LIKE IT IS”


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Have I told you how much I LOVE THIS? STACY BARTHE – “KEEP IT LIKE IT IS”

Singer / songwriter Stacy Barthe releases a visual for her single, “Keep It Like It Is,” (with a cameo from Luke James) off of her most recent EP, In the InBetween, which is available on iTunes. In the InBetween is the second installment of a three-part series of EP’s, which will befollowed by P.S., I Love You, due out soon. Stacy is presently in the studio working [...]

I’LL Get Out | Re-Visiting Lauryn Hill’s 2002 Unplugged Performance

“Knowin’ my condition Is the reason I must change” “I won’t support your lie no more I won’t even try no more If I have to die, oh Lord That’s how I choose to live I won’t be compromised no more I can’t be victimised no more I just don’t sympathize no more Cause now [...]

#PiecesofPoetry: What Time Have We for Tears / #Griffin House “Better than Love”

Maybe something will come of this … putting no pressure on it.  What time have we for fears? We’ve got no moments to give away to signals of what we already know. Life is hard. Loving harder. Loving wholly all our lives= harder still. and just so you lovelies can know where my head is [...]

2011 Holiday Survival Kit: #Fashion, #Beauty, #Accessories & more!

The holiday season is here … yayyyyyy! -_- For those of us who know that for some of us (i’ll point no fingers points to me), the holidays mean more work and sometimes a feeling of even more distance from our friends and family … THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU! This is a “f*ck ‘em [...]

J Cole “Can’t Get Enough” Samples Paulette by Balla et ses Balladins (1980)

So … I LOVE J Cole’s “Can’t Get Enough” … Not just because he’s witty.  But because as a baby Liberian kholi … I heard the sample song at SOOOOOO many parties! Today  … I finally realized it IS West African … but not Liberian. Balla et ses Balladins are actually a group from Guinea.  [...]

#NowPlaying: Beyonce’s “Party” Video, Drake’s “Take Care” Album & Chelsea Lately Interview, Rihanna

I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT BEYONCE’S PARTY VIDEO … and NO, I’m not reporting late … I’m literally watching it right now! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT DRAKE’S ENTIRE ALBUM … YES. EVERYTHING. Especially “Take Care” featuring Rihanna. I mean who DOESN’T want a little house break down in the middle of a love letter? Also, who [...]

John Mayer | In You Atmosphere

Where ever I go what ever I do I wonder where I am in my relationship to you Where ever you go Where ever you are i watch your pretty life play out in pictures from afar ooooo (that’s on that extended version)   His voice. Those lyrics. How could you not get lost in [...]

Nicki Minaj Covers Cosmo: Talks Fame & Suicide | Beyonce’s “Countdown” Video Debuts

  Looking sultry and mischievous, Nicki Minaj covers the November 2011 issue of Cosmo. In her feature article, Nicki opens up about her deep dark past filled with thoughts of suicide. While she’s famous now and from the outside looking in seems happy, Nicki hasn’t always had it all pulled together.  The rapper told Cosmo, [...]

THINGS HAMPTON TAUGHT ME: Foreshadowing | Anna Wintour Invites Nicki Minaj to Fashion Week

So, we understand rap music and a lot of hip-hop to be an aspirational art form.  Rappers tend to rap about personal experiences.  Still, more often than not, they create lyrics covering areas they only hope to endeavor within in their lifetime.  For instance, on almost every single one of Nicki Minaj’s mix-tapes, she discussed [...]