UM ... @Target just made my day!

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UM … @Target just made my day!

Oh me … Oh, freakin’ my. You know what’s exciting about this shoe? Not just the fact that they cost me $14.99 (I purchased them in Emeryville, CA). But … also the fact that they look MUCH MUCH BETTER in person! uh huh. oooh, ya … like that. ohhhhh! yes! more!   ::does cabbage patch:: [...]

Playdate at Show and Tell Concept Shop, @GPPRCO Sale, & Distressed Denim

  If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that yesterday I had the most awesome playdate meeting with the owners of Show and Tell Concept Shop.  I suppose I can’t really tell you any juicy details yet … but just know they’ve got super exciting renovations and brand expansions coming up in 2013! [...]

I Have a Dream … And it includes Alice and Olivia and Ralph Lauren and Haider Ackermann and …

So … I had the weirdest dream that I was standing in front of a room of people giving a speech about how the weight of the future is upon us … and that weight could only be shifted by each and every individual deciding to dress to impress his or herself.  Literally, it was [...]

Forever Young: Mis-matched Feelings + High and Low Ends

It seems my life in Oakland (or at least my life while working very slowly on a dissertation proposal) has turned into mostly food and fashion … and a bit of art … and writing … but mostly fashion. In that case, I guess my life hasn’t turned anything … I suppose it’s right on [...]

Color Me Bad: I Believe in Year-Round Leather; With Macy's, American Apparel, Forever 21 + More, You Will Too!

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Color Me Bad: I Believe in Year-Round Leather; With Macy’s, American Apparel, Forever 21 + More, You Will Too!

I remembered that Phillip Lim did this … And this … And it made me think of all this … Color Me Bad by kholi featuring diane von furstenberg Are you looking for amazing year-round leather pieces? Check out a few of my current favorite links below. American Apparel has TONS of great accessories. Forever 21 [...]

Let’s Get One Thing Straight: Women’s Menswear Inspired Fashion for the Less Than Straight-laced Lady

So … unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere … you may not have known that I recently relocated to California. The Bay Area, actually. Oakland, actually. And honestly, it’s pretty much everything I ever imagined it would be. So what I’ve only been here 9 days?   Need a recap? So … Remember [...]

The September Issue OR “How I’ve Already Outgrown My Student Budget”

It’s standard that at the end of August, we “fashion girls” do one thing: patiently await or knock over three old ladies and their flock of grandchildren in the grocery store check-out line to get the September issue of every fashion magazine we love! Here’s one problem with that: Every September issue I read only makes [...]

Up is Where We Go From Here

Today is the first day of the beginning of my forever. OK, maybe I’m a tad dramatic … but today does mark the beginning of a lot of 1sts for me. First Saturday (since January) that I’ve been able to enjoy without the dread of going into someone’s office on Monday hanging over my head. [...]

Summer #Fashion: Taking Shorts from Day to Night

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Summer #Fashion: Taking Shorts from Day to Night

Remember when Jess Brock gave us complete office fashion life?! Of course. How could you forget? Anyways … she’s inspired another blog.  Though, thankfully, we’re not talking office fashion! Jess and I send too many emails back and forth at work   often toss our newest fashion finds back and forth … and she had a [...]

#WomenAtWork: @BrockBot Inspires Serious Office Style

So … Remember when Jessica Brock (@brockbot) wore this?! No, you don’t … because I just instagram’d the pic like 6 minutes ago. Either way, it inspired me to give you a few office style tips (well, the outfit and the fact that a certain someone  .. not Jess … wore denim shorts to work [...]