3.1 Phillip Lim Comic Book Sweater + Jeffrey Campbell

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3.1 Phillip Lim Comic Book Sweater + Jeffrey Campbell “Don’t Even” Pump

  Love it? Prefer it to the Markus Lupfer version ($405)? Well no worries, if you can’t make a decision … they’re both sold out … But just in case you got a chance to get these or the Primark version (included in the Polyvore set below) … here’s how to style it:   You [...]

Color Me Bad: I Believe in Year-Round Leather; With Macy's, American Apparel, Forever 21 + More, You Will Too!

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Color Me Bad: I Believe in Year-Round Leather; With Macy’s, American Apparel, Forever 21 + More, You Will Too!

I remembered that Phillip Lim did this … And this … And it made me think of all this … Color Me Bad by kholi featuring diane von furstenberg Are you looking for amazing year-round leather pieces? Check out a few of my current favorite links below. American Apparel has TONS of great accessories. Forever 21 [...]

2011 Holiday Survival Kit: #Fashion, #Beauty, #Accessories & more!

The holiday season is here … yayyyyyy! -_- For those of us who know that for some of us (i’ll point no fingers points to me), the holidays mean more work and sometimes a feeling of even more distance from our friends and family … THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU! This is a “f*ck ‘em [...]

#FASHION| What’s Virginia Woolf Got to Do with MIU MIU?

I can’t say that I’m not elated at getting to work from home this Friday.  I am.  Honestly, the part of my week that I look forward to most is the moment when the house is quiet … and I’m alone … and there’s no Gchat or email or FB (ok … those things don’t [...]

#FNO: Fashion Night Out NYC | Dress to Impress | Accessories

Unless you’ve been living under a rock swamped with work, or home, or all things in between … then I’m pretty sure you know that NYC’s Fashion’s Night Out is TOMORROW! I can’t even really bear giving you all the details (yes, you’re right, sometimes being an “i do everything” type gal means prioritizing business [...]

Perfect Fall Date Attire

From Polyvore: Q. What would the perfect fall date outfit consist of? A dress? Skirt? Fancy? Casual? Help! –Samantha, 26 Hi Samantha, My first answer: “Anything that makes you reel on top of the world!” My second answer: same as above. Be sure that no matter whether you’re just leaving the office, or you’ve been preparing [...]

STUDY-HALL OR Why @Polyvore is my NEW FAVORITE Pasttime

Thanks to Maggie Caroline, one of the newest ARDOR BRAND interns, I’ve been spending a lot of my free time (the word is actually a bit of an anomaly to me) on Polyvore. Vintage/Futuristic by Krystal88 featuring a lace dress “What the heck is Polyvore,” you ask?  Honestly if you’re asking this, you, like me, [...]

Beauty Over Money.

Beauty Over Money. by kholi featuring a blue clutch   Polyester shirt €39 – modekungen.se Preen long jacket $705 – net-a-porter.com TopShop floral blazer $118 – topshop.com SECOND FEMALE shorts €63 – welikefashion.com Luichiny wedge heels $85 – heels.com Alexander McQueen blue clutch $2,125 – neimanmarcus.com Orange clutch $1,975 – alexandermcqueen.com Box clutch $1,595 – [...]