“On the Record” | All I am Owed

So, remember when I gave the whole “On the Record” speech … and let you folks know that I was going to be sharing my journal entries … or at least the ones that make me seem a little less crazy than you already assume me to be? Of course you do … so here [...]

Over the Weekend: Eat, Pray, Love

Yesterday, as the boo and I were browsing through Netflix, we realized that “Eat, Pray, Love” had been added to the instant play section. Now, unfortunately, I’ve never read the book (although of course it got added to the reading list).  However, I’m ALWAYS a sucker for Julia Roberts’ pearly whites, so this was of course [...]

WORDS OF WISDOM: NO! I Can’t Help You! or “Why we can’t keep ‘doing coffee’”

So … I was chatting with a friend the other day about an event she recently had … in which she was the only one who left without getting paid. Now, for promoters, this is not an unlikely occurrence, but for event planners … this should not be the case. I know that folks will [...]

Over the Weekend: Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ OR “Why I’m Officially Breaking from Grad School”

So I’ve recently made a decision that I knew would drop jaws. -_- I’ve decided to take a year off from graduate school.  I know I know … shock and awe … unless, of course, you know and love me!  Because if you do … you know that I know and love freedom … and [...]

“We Are What We Wear!” … Say it and mean it.

I’m in the runnings to be Lucky Magazine’s next Lifestyle Contributor!  I’ve inserted a piece of my entry below. The Other Woman In 2009, I started my first business.  Congrats for me!  I was still in a PhD program in English but I was steadily working towards a doctorate in all things “it girl.”  It [...]

She Started It All…

So a friend of mine re-tweeted (yes, retweeted, YES, I’m on twitter, YES … i’m mildly addicted … don’t judge me … you have your drugs and sex … and me? … welll i have my 160 character technological non-auditory communication. it works for me) this link …. …. and it started this whole blog. [...]

10 Things I Hate About You

… ok … not really … but more like 10 Things THAT ARE REALLY GRINDING MY GEARS RIGHT NOW …

Morning Musing #6475: The Lone Pancake

This is a bit of a stretch, but I’ve been trying to stretch writing muscles by thinking outside of the box. Or outside of the imperfect circle in this case. So anyways, while making breakfast this morning I got to thinking about this lone, imperfect pancake. Mainly, I was staring at this pancake thinking, “man [...]

as i sit now…

… i am procrastinating. in essence (just for you … yes you … because you love that word. yes, that was sarcasm.) … prolonging that which i am currently using to set me free on the rest of my endeavors. i a disappointing myself. if you only understood how focused … fixated .. obsessed i [...]