Today’s Top #Tip: #PR Industry Predictions | 3 #Tips for Superior Performance

I was perusing PR Daily this morning like every morning and I found another set of PR predictions for 2012. This is my FAVORITE! 2. PR skills move well beyond media relations Recruiting is a challenge for the PR industry, which is enjoying a nice period of growth (a November 30 Forbes article cited the PR [...]

GoodGirlPR and Nadia Vassell present The Celebrity Treatment

On Friday, October 21, 2011, join GoodGirlPR ( and Celebrity Hair Stylist Nadia Vassell  ( at the first edition of the “Celebrity Treatment,” an event geared towards overall beauty, including a showcase of fall up-dos and complimentary mini manicures with Kelly Barber and OPI, makeovers with Lamik, Leblon cocktails, and I Am Cupcakes treats. Nadia [...]

#BUSINESS Sense: Don’t be Intimidated by Professional #Copy

Late nights and early mornings for entrepreneurs typically mean that, at any moment, we find ourselves asking, “Why THIS?! NOW?!” And that’s fine.  I’ve learned to accept this.  This is the path that I’ve chosen.  So this morning, when I found myself giving a 6:30 am intern training session on the importance of copy, I [...]

Time Management Tips (or How DARE I have the time to blog)

I find it funny that even as I take the time to write this blog … I have about 10,000 things in my head that I need to be doing.  And MOST IMMEDIATELY, I have about 8 papers that I need to finish grading in order to forego having to give all of my students [...]

WORDS OF WISDOM: NO! I Can’t Help You! or “Why we can’t keep ‘doing coffee’”

So … I was chatting with a friend the other day about an event she recently had … in which she was the only one who left without getting paid. Now, for promoters, this is not an unlikely occurrence, but for event planners … this should not be the case. I know that folks will [...]

BREAKING NEWS: NARS Launches Social Media Site

It’s official!  Nars has officially launched their social media site! Here’s what The Makeup Show had to say! Breaking News! NARS Cosmetics has just launched a new social media site,, today. This new site uses founder and creative director, François Nars’ new book “Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself” as its springboard.  His instructional makeup guide features real women [...]

THIRSTY THURSDAY: Motivation from The Terminator

If you’re thirsty for something … prove it. And I mean … really … prove it. “A beginner does eight repetitions of a certain exercise with his maximum weight on the barbell. As soon as it hurts, he thinks about stopping. I work beyond this point, which means I tell my mind that as soon [...]

Be Your Own Publicist: How to be a SUPERSTAR even when you’re saving

There will be no super lead into this.  PR AND MARKETING is EXPENSIVE … I know.  I keep telling you all to visit http;// for the most competitively-priced, affordable PR & MARKETING in the TRI-STATE area (affordable yet competitively-priced because you get what you pay for … want someone to work hard for you … [...]

Working with Clients: Behind the Scenes Footage with Koco Nail Salon & Wax Studio

How to Use Facebook Efficiently