#GetFreeFriday: 5 Best Emails I’ve Received this Week!

– THE ZOE REPORT: Nars Kabuki Sets, Coupons for Online Shopping and More! – Portero.Com: Oh gosh, Christian Dior Bags, Hermes, and other things I’m forcing myself from fawning over! – Fab.Com: Silicone Kitchen Tools, printed tees, and other FAB items to which YOU MUST NOT SAY NO! – Who’s up for a sample sale [...]

What is Friendship If Not An Excuse To Go Shopping?

Soooooo … I know you folks have been waiting for this!  It’s time to VOTE FOR ME again in the not FIRST, not SECOND, not THIRD, but FOURTH ROUND OF LUCKY MAGAZINE’S LIFESTYLE EDITOR CONTEST!  (lol … was I the only one waiting?!) Oh well, here’s the deal … I’ve been going strong with these [...]

#EVENTPLANNING: Perfect Party Planning & Beauty #Tips

Admit it.  When you think dinner party, the first thought after the first thought of “Great!  Fun, food, and friends!” is usually “Great.  How much time is this going to take?  What is it going to cost me?  Can we just make a reservation …” I understand.  We’re busy. Honestly, sometimes planning a relaxing evening [...]


I’ve spent a lot of time this week looking for high-value items at low prices.  Why you ask?  SO I could create this:  And while taking the time to adore J Crew’s pumps and heels, I did indeed remember it was Get Free FRIDAY! Now, let’s be real.  Nothing you’re going to get from the [...]

“We Are What We Wear!” … Say it and mean it.

I’m in the runnings to be Lucky Magazine’s next Lifestyle Contributor!  I’ve inserted a piece of my entry below. The Other Woman In 2009, I started my first business.  Congrats for me!  I was still in a PhD program in English but I was steadily working towards a doctorate in all things “it girl.”  It [...]

@LuckyMagazine Lifestyle Editor Contest

So, I’ll get out of the way now that the more I publicize this competition, the more competition I may have for it … but if it’s your dream … who am I to stop you from living it? That disclaimer aside … far aside … I want to let all of you writers and [...]