Oakland Transitions: Weather, Clients, Fashion and THE COSBYS?!

My life in Oakland is feeling pretty much like a fairytale right now … or maybe more like a mist of things that don’t necessarily feel real … Why? – Well … for one … I have 2 new branding/marketing clients … and like … didn’t we think I was over PR and marketing?  No?  Was [...]

Yet Another Reason to LOVE @bLaKtivist OR #ProjectManagement Tools to Change Your Life


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Yet Another Reason to LOVE @bLaKtivist OR #ProjectManagement Tools to Change Your Life

I’ve realized that sometimes it’s easy to forget that the work we do as “PRs” (or “Social Media Experts/Strategists” or “Brand Advisers” or whatever amazingly trite and/or condescending term we’re using to title ourselves these days) to forget that the work we do is for real people.  It’s also even easier to forget that the work that [...]

#OAKLAND #EVENTS: @Feelmore510  Sponsored: Women's Comedy Night at the Layover

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#OAKLAND #EVENTS: @Feelmore510 Sponsored: Women’s Comedy Night at the Layover

(click pic to go to FB invite)  Melanie O’Brien hosts! Karinda Dobbins Mimi Vilmenay Lisa Gilduldig Morgan Jessica Sele and Marga Gomez!! plus surprises and special guests! No cover. 21+. Sponsored by FeelMore510 Adult Gallery: A Sweeter Reason to come to Downtown Oakland. The Layover – Music Bar & Lounge 1517 Franklin St., Oakland, CA 94612 [...]

Social Style | Krys Freeman (@blaktivist) on #TimelessPieces & #Style (Part 2)

Those of you who have been keeping up with our “Social Style” segment, remember last week’s discussion with Krys Freeman discussing her personal shifts in style. Last week, Krys taught us about “metroflexible style” and dressing for clients!  This half of our discussion with Krys is JUST as amazing!  I’ll show you my fave tips [...]

CLOSED CONTEST | Fashion Showdown of the Sexes OR Girls Do Menswear Better

So … If you’ve been around, then you know we’ve got a “Timeless Pieces” contest going on right now AND you know that we’ve been talking style with one of my faves, Krys Freeman.  It occurred to me, while wrapping up the final part of Krys’ “Social Style” segment (yes, folks, It goes live on [...]

Social Style | Krys Freeman (@blaktivist) Talks #Image with Kholioli.com (Part 1)

Despite my overuse of the word “bestie” and constant developments of new “bffs,” I’ve never actually believed in the idea of a best friend.  I believe in soulmates, of course (who doesn’t). I believe in my longest, most intensely sibling-like friendship (that will never end) with my appropriately termed “seeeeeeestor” (hey, no one’s here to judge) of [...]

What is Friendship If Not An Excuse To Go Shopping?

Soooooo … I know you folks have been waiting for this!  It’s time to VOTE FOR ME again in the not FIRST, not SECOND, not THIRD, but FOURTH ROUND OF LUCKY MAGAZINE’S LIFESTYLE EDITOR CONTEST!  (lol … was I the only one waiting?!) Oh well, here’s the deal … I’ve been going strong with these [...]

#FILMS + #EVENTS: Pariah Full-length Screening in Toronto

Think back to June of 2009, you there yet?!  No!  No worries … I’ll help. Remember a post I shared being all excited that @blaktivist had had a huge revelation about identity because she’d watched Pariah?  No? You say that post never existed.  No worries … her post did: CLICK HERE TO READ IT. Well [...]