Oakland Transitions: Weather, Clients, Fashion and THE COSBYS?!

My life in Oakland is feeling pretty much like a fairytale right now … or maybe more like a mist of things that don’t necessarily feel real … Why? – Well … for one … I have 2 new branding/marketing clients … and like … didn’t we think I was over PR and marketing?  No?  Was [...]

I Have a Dream … And it includes Alice and Olivia and Ralph Lauren and Haider Ackermann and …

So … I had the weirdest dream that I was standing in front of a room of people giving a speech about how the weight of the future is upon us … and that weight could only be shifted by each and every individual deciding to dress to impress his or herself.  Literally, it was [...]

3.1 Phillip Lim Comic Book Sweater + Jeffrey Campbell

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3.1 Phillip Lim Comic Book Sweater + Jeffrey Campbell “Don’t Even” Pump

  Love it? Prefer it to the Markus Lupfer version ($405)? Well no worries, if you can’t make a decision … they’re both sold out … But just in case you got a chance to get these or the Primark version (included in the Polyvore set below) … here’s how to style it:   You [...]

Forever Young: Mis-matched Feelings + High and Low Ends

It seems my life in Oakland (or at least my life while working very slowly on a dissertation proposal) has turned into mostly food and fashion … and a bit of art … and writing … but mostly fashion. In that case, I guess my life hasn’t turned anything … I suppose it’s right on [...]

Let’s Get One Thing Straight: Women’s Menswear Inspired Fashion for the Less Than Straight-laced Lady

So … unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere … you may not have known that I recently relocated to California. The Bay Area, actually. Oakland, actually. And honestly, it’s pretty much everything I ever imagined it would be. So what I’ve only been here 9 days?   Need a recap? So … Remember [...]

The September Issue OR “How I’ve Already Outgrown My Student Budget”

It’s standard that at the end of August, we “fashion girls” do one thing: patiently await or knock over three old ladies and their flock of grandchildren in the grocery store check-out line to get the September issue of every fashion magazine we love! Here’s one problem with that: Every September issue I read only makes [...]

Up is Where We Go From Here

Today is the first day of the beginning of my forever. OK, maybe I’m a tad dramatic … but today does mark the beginning of a lot of 1sts for me. First Saturday (since January) that I’ve been able to enjoy without the dread of going into someone’s office on Monday hanging over my head. [...]


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by TOMMYE FITZPATRICK on JUNE 14, 2012 – 6:13 PM Azealia Banks has upped her game since she released her “212″ video last year, which had her all pigtails and Mickey Mouse sweater dancing against a brick wall. For her followup, the newly-released video for “Liquorice,” she got some major fashion players involved—Lady Gaga’s stylist [...]

#MUSICMONDAY: Is D'Angelo Back? Check ALL of his

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#MUSICMONDAY: Is D’Angelo Back? Check ALL of his “GOOD GAWD!” Glory in GQ!

(found over at TheJasmineBrand)   After being out the “Game” for about 10 years, R&B Singer D’Angelo is back to his old self and posing for GQ magazine for the upcoming June edition. We havent seen too much ofD’Angelo lately but the most recent news of him wasn’t too pleasant and he certainly wasn’t in the best. Nonetheless, he is back and [...]

#WomenAtWork: Neon #Fashion Inspiration

If you follow me on Instagram (khoLi, of course), then you might remember this pic from last week! Danielle, who frequently gets featured in cupcake shots and #DressADay challenges (read: she’s pretty much my only work friend), was so absolutely ADORABLE in her neon, I was immediately inspired! I know, we assume that in order [...]