What do Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rita Ora, and Denim Shirts Have to Do with Love or Fall Fashion? Find Out!

Hang around long enough and you’ll realize there’s no doubt that I love Rita Ora.

And speaking  of love … yes, I’m allowed to just skip to my real point here …

Yesterday I was finishing up the “3 Things They Don’t Tell You About the Fairytale” series for OliveCocoMag.Com (check the site out today, the 2nd post goes up!) and pondering ideas of the intermingling of change and consistency in relationships.

So I started with what I know, first … public image and brand development.

Just follow me here.

See Bey.

See Rih.

See Bey.

See Ri.

See Bey.

See Ri …

Following me?


Well, let’s talk fashion, then. Because that seem to be our common ground.

See several miscellaneous “celebs” in a denim shirt.

 See Rita Ora in a denim shirt.

Fall Favorites: Basic Escalation
Fall Favorites: Basic Escalation by kholi featuring moonstone jewelry

What have we learned here people?

  1. I’m not up for discussing trends of white assimilation (and don’t even make a face like I’m being extra here, some of you will go straight there with it) … but I am up for saying … Jay Z knows what people like. And he knows people like Beyonce. So no, in actuality, Rihanna is not Beyonce and Beyonce is not Rita Ora … and despite an uncanny resemblance between the two, Rita Ora is not Rihanna (listen to the songs if you don’t believe me – one of them can sing). But, Jay-Z knows what works. So he finds a base line and he sticks with it. And when the baseline is Bey ….
  2. Everyone needs a denim shirt this fall. Because it’s clear. And because maybe while you’re buying me one, you’ll buy me all of the items featured above. :-)
  3. Somehow, this article relates to an article on how to keep your romance alive …. and we should all assume it has something to do with consistency and subtle forms of transformation. <3

you stay cool. i’ll stay khoLi.

what? i told you Bey works.

Oh ya … the songs …

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