What Dallas and Designing Women Can Teach Us About Spring 2013 #Accessory Trends

Do you ever wake up in the morning and want to look like this?

dallas television show


No?! What about this?!

kholioli designing women

Well, whatever … we can pretend like I’m the only one who wakes in the morning wanting to look like Elizabeth Taylor is my personal stylist …

elizabeth taylor carrie kholi

(Oh you wanted a smaller pic?)

… but, jewelry trends suggest otherwise. So let’s just let me give you some advice and you can choose to define your own reality afterwards.

Spring and Summer accessories
Spring and Summer accessories by kholi featuring dannijo jewelry

 Here are a few of my fave brands giving uber glam right now.

  • Fenton and Fallon –> yes, actually one company, one name, 2 separate lines.
  • Nasty Gal –> oh, come on, there’s nothing not to love about anything this brand has to offer.
  • Lionette –> look, don’t even get me started.  they’re a little high end but they’re giving SUCH SUPREME LIFE!

So, go buy something already, why don’t you?

I mean you don’t have to, but …

In the meantime,

you stay cool. i’ll stay khoLi. <3

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