THINGS HAMPTON TAUGHT ME: Foreshadowing | Anna Wintour Invites Nicki Minaj to Fashion Week

So, we understand rap music and a lot of hip-hop to be an aspirational art form.  Rappers tend to rap about personal experiences.  Still, more often than not, they create lyrics covering areas they only hope to endeavor within in their lifetime.  For instance, on almost every single one of Nicki Minaj’s mix-tapes, she discussed how, once she achieved the money and status to do so, she would completely change her look (pretty much describing what she wears now).  She also declared how and with whom she would form the most important elements of her career.

On Pink Friday‘s “Muny,” the Trinidadian artist set her aspirational sights even higher, demanding Anna Wintour put her on the cover of Vogue.

Okay, Versace Pythons, Louis aviators, Balenciagas and they gotta be the gladiators
Chanel lambskin, vintage Vanson, I’m on the bike doin’ wheelies in a mansion
A lot of bad bitches on the pole dancin’, Gucci bag just to put the coke cans in
(Hey, yo, Anna, hey yo Anna Wintour, I’ma need that cover baby girl, it’s Pink Friday, ya dig)

(It’s not really important to speak on how this performance is slightly weaker than others …)

Anyways … less than a year after that song is released on Pink Friday … what do we see?

Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz

Many were amused to see Nicki Minaj sitting alongside Vogue editor Anna Wintour, decked out in a neon rainbow of pom-poms and a platinum wig, at the Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta shows at New York Fashion Week. But as it happens, this was no odd-couple coincidence.

According to the Daily News, Minaj told Z100 that Wintour personally invited her to the shows. After the shows, the editor even apparently sent her a photograph of the two of them with the inscription, “We match!” — a reference to their coordinating pops of orange.

Despite the reputation of coldness people have ascribed to Wintour, one thing is clear — she’s certainly not rigid when it comes to fashion risks by pop stars, having been vocal in her virtual adoration of Minaj’s counterpart in crazy get-ups, Lady Gaga. We’re betting a Vogue appearance can’t be far off.

What I’m still wondering is why so many people found this strange?  For me, the outfit? Strange.  Nicki Minaj sitting next to Anna Wintour at fashion week, after just coming off of tour with BRITNEY SPEARS and KESHA … not weird.  This is the life she’s created with her words, correct?

Still not with me?

– FORESHADOWING is a literary device in which an author suggests certain plot developments that might come later in the story

– TO FORESHADOW: to show or indicate beforehand; prefigure: Political upheavals foreshadowed war.

You get it right?

Not yet?  Perhaps I can explain it to you like this:

In ancient Vodoun practices (but still used today), Nomo, is literally, the power of the word.  It is the power of positive affirmations and claims.

You know, like, The Secret, but sooner.

Got it now?  Good.

you stay cool.  i’ll stay kholi.

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