They’ve Got So Much Things to Say Right Now …

this has been such a very very long time coming. … and still the words are not even formed yet.
you know how you hear so many stories from people like … “ohhh, as an artist, or a writer … i’ve lost my voice.” … well i can feel that. but honestly … i haven’t lost mine … it’s just been developing so rapidly, and with such novelty (See Nicki Minaj’s interview on changing voice with changing experiences, or reference the many times Jay has told you he can’t rap about sellin’ bricks and such any longer) that i find myself struggling to sit down and focus it … to say one particular thing about my life in the last year … or six months … or six weeks for that matter.
So I’ve been thinking … I’ll say it all. Or at least say most of it. Just as it comes to me … NOW!
  1. Friends will not always have your back. This does not mean that they do not love you … it means, that as an adult, there comes a time, when people’s needs will out trump their need to be generous or helpful or “there” … in these times, you need to be “there” for yourself. It may be painful … but not difficult … or at least not as difficult as always having to ask for the help of another who can not do it. … or something like that.
  2. Starting your own business is never what you think it will be. your vision changes … you get more concrete about what you want … you need more money … you make less money … whether it’s your first or fifteenth business … you need a serious plan.
  3. If you’re good at what you do … people will see that. period.
  4. Sometimes … it’s actually easier to be talentless … or have one thing that you’re good at … rather than having 13.
  5. Sometimes … it’s never easy.
  6. Love is a wonderful mess of every emotion you have experienced before and a few you never want to experience again …. embrace it … accept it in all forms as it comes to you.
  7. You are a vessel … just as easily emptied as filled. Protect how both actions (for and by whom) happen.
  8. There are those who thrive off of chaos being present in your life. Leave them.
  9. There are those who thrive off of peace being present in your life … be careful of still.
  10. You have a gift … a promise … a mission. People will not always understand it. Some will curse you for doing it differently than they expect or wish or want. Some will curse you because your journey changes you in ways that are uncomfortable for them. Stay your course. Remembering, the only comfort you can ensure, is your own.
  11. Not mine … but correct in all cases. “To thine own self be true. For then, thou canst be false to no man”
… more to come … Take us out Boogie. ;-)
oh ya … Enlist the A-list.

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