What do Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rita Ora, and Denim Shirts Have to Do with Love or Fall Fashion? Find Out!

Hang around long enough and you’ll realize there’s no doubt that I love Rita Ora. And speaking  of love … yes, I’m allowed to just skip to my real point here … Yesterday I was finishing up the “3 Things They Don’t Tell You About the Fairytale” series for OliveCocoMag.Com (check the site out today, [...]

#WomenatWork: Another Reason to LOVE @StylishThought!

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#WomenatWork: Another Reason to LOVE @StylishThought!

If you’ve been around for awhile, you already know how this “Women at Work” section goes, right?!  Good, then we can jump right in to talking about Fajr Muhammad (President, Stylish Thought Media, LLC) … she’s one of my faves! 1. What is your dream job? My dream job has always been to be a [...]

@MsWise brings you:

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@MsWise brings you: “LOVE, US” – The 2012 Production

Ms. Wise brings you: “LOVE, US” – The 2012 Production It’s almost that time… again. ♥Ms. Wise, with the help of her team/organization, “Love, Us” brings you the greatest mixed-artist production to hit the city of Philadelphia for quite some time… 2010 was a beautiful beginning. 2011 was all love in boom-sticks. 2012 will be… [...]

[Video] 50 Cent Shows Maturity In Sit Down With Oprah

Over the years, 50 Cent has made it known that Oprah isn’t his most favorite person. Or at least, that’s what he wanted his fans to believe. His reasoning was that, she wasn’t a huge supporter of Hip-Hop and she focused on appealing to a demographic of middle-aged white women who disliked his music. This [...]

A Message from Jasmin S. Greene, Writer, Creator of Little Lake | NYC Fundraiser

Nearly three years ago I had a dream that left my heart palpitating long after the dream faded. Mind you, three yrs ago I was in my mid twenties, un satisfied with my career, love life, drowning in debt and just overall confused about life. In this dream i was standing in the kitchen where [...]

#WomenAtWork: @BrockBot Inspires Serious Office Style

So … Remember when Jessica Brock (@brockbot) wore this?! No, you don’t … because I just instagram’d the pic like 6 minutes ago. Either way, it inspired me to give you a few office style tips (well, the outfit and the fact that a certain someone  .. not Jess … wore denim shorts to work [...]

#WomenAtWork: Tia Norfleet, NASCAR's first black female driver

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#WomenAtWork: Tia Norfleet, NASCAR’s first black female driver

  Tia Norfleet is making history as… the first and only woman to be issued a NASCAR license in the organization’s 63-year history. While that is a huge accomplishment, Norfleet continues to work toward her goal of becoming the first black female driver.   What’s next for Tia?   Norfleet continues to pursue her ultimate goal. She has [...]

#WomenAtWork: Neon #Fashion Inspiration

If you follow me on Instagram (khoLi, of course), then you might remember this pic from last week! Danielle, who frequently gets featured in cupcake shots and #DressADay challenges (read: she’s pretty much my only work friend), was so absolutely ADORABLE in her neon, I was immediately inspired! I know, we assume that in order [...]

#OAKLAND #EVENTS: @Feelmore510  Sponsored: Women's Comedy Night at the Layover

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#OAKLAND #EVENTS: @Feelmore510 Sponsored: Women’s Comedy Night at the Layover

(click pic to go to FB invite)  Melanie O’Brien hosts! Karinda Dobbins Mimi Vilmenay Lisa Gilduldig Morgan Jessica Sele and Marga Gomez!! plus surprises and special guests! No cover. 21+. Sponsored by FeelMore510 Adult Gallery: A Sweeter Reason to come to Downtown Oakland. The Layover – Music Bar & Lounge 1517 Franklin St., Oakland, CA 94612 [...]

“Women at Work” | @IamBAK | Britnie Kaplan

I’ve been waiting to post this “Women at Work” feature for awhile!  Why you ask?! Well for one … because IamBAK owner, Britnie Kaplan, knows my love for all things fall and winter sports, and is sponsoring the “Game On” giveaway on KholiOli.Com! HOW TO ENTER Follow @IamBAK  & @khoLi on Twitter AND Like IamBAK and [...]