#GORGEOUSGIFTS #GIVEAWAY: @WearHouse Philly Sponsors Leather Cuff

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MAD MIX: Sheer, Shimmer, & Shine | Holiday Party Outfit Ideas & More

If you’re anything like me which I assume you are because I have clear insight on the fact that to continuously come back here, you’re part of a unique niche readership … and I appreciate you , then you’re already thinking about holiday (maybe fancy Christmas party or sparkly new year’s eve party) fashion ideas!  [...]

“Women at Work” | @IamBAK | Britnie Kaplan

I’ve been waiting to post this “Women at Work” feature for awhile!  Why you ask?! Well for one … because IamBAK owner, Britnie Kaplan, knows my love for all things fall and winter sports, and is sponsoring the “Game On” giveaway on KholiOli.Com! HOW TO ENTER Follow @IamBAK  & @khoLi on Twitter AND Like IamBAK and [...]


Last week, I announced that our “Women at Work” feature, Chyanne McDuffie, was sponsoring a #GorgeousGifts Giveaway sponsor! Chyanne decided to style TWO DIFFERENT LOOKS for you all this week … JUST to help you see a few options for how you might wear the gorgeous Kate Spade clutch she’s gifting!   You’ve still got [...]

“Women At Work” | Chyanne McDuffie (@YuppieByChyanne)

We’ve got ANOTHER amazing “Women at Work” feature this week!  Chyanne McDuffie owns one of my newest loves, TheYuppyLady.Com. She’s also the owner of Yuppie By Chyanne … which we’ll DEFINITELY be talking more about later! I’ll just hush and let you read! 1. What is your dream job? My absolute dream job is to [...]

CLOSED CONTEST | Fashion Showdown of the Sexes OR Girls Do Menswear Better

So … If you’ve been around, then you know we’ve got a “Timeless Pieces” contest going on right now AND you know that we’ve been talking style with one of my faves, Krys Freeman.  It occurred to me, while wrapping up the final part of Krys’ “Social Style” segment (yes, folks, It goes live on [...]

#TIMELESSPIECES #GIVEAWAY: Silver & Gold Accessories

If you were like me, growing up, your mother had TONS of accessories!  If you were REALLY like me, your grandmother had even more! I’ve spent my entire life primping and prancing around small and delicate or huge, bold, and dramatic pieces of jewelry.  For me, the accessory IS pretty much my outfit … especially [...]

Sara Bareilles “Fairytale” Lyrics | “A Room of Our Own” Re-Cap

This is actually two separate blogs … but somehow … in my head … they’re related.  As they all are. Yesterday marked the first “A Room of Our Own.“  And it was REALLY FANTASTIC!  Like … everything I hoped and imagined it would be: an open space, freedom of speech, honesty … so much more. [...]

#TIMELESSPIECES: Transition Seamlessly Into Fall Fashion

Remember when we began talking Timeless Pieces for fall fashion a couple weeks ago? Of course you do!  And if you’re an active reader of KholiOli.Com, you know you won’t be able to forget it … at least not for another couple months, anyways. I’ve been tweeting pics of my favorite timeless pieces all month! [...]

What is Friendship If Not An Excuse To Go Shopping?

Soooooo … I know you folks have been waiting for this!  It’s time to VOTE FOR ME again in the not FIRST, not SECOND, not THIRD, but FOURTH ROUND OF LUCKY MAGAZINE’S LIFESTYLE EDITOR CONTEST!  (lol … was I the only one waiting?!) Oh well, here’s the deal … I’ve been going strong with these [...]